Why Pilates...



Pilates is a holistic, resistance training exercise that promotes a healthy balance of strength, flexibility, and coordination. Its origin dates to the 1920s and the development of new techniques to rehabilitate soldiers wounded in war.

First developed by Joseph Pilates, this effective approach has spread throughout the world and is now recognized as an exceptional form of physical therapy rehabilitation as well as a great training choice to maintain a healthy physique.

How Pilates Can Help You...

Pilates can be performed as “mat work”- exercises performed on the floor- or on equipment uniquely designed for the program. All Pilates training, whether with or without equipment, share the defining principles of Pilates:

  • Alignment: placing attention on proper body and extremity alignment to restore muscular balance.
  • Breathing: Pilates, like yoga, calls for complete, thorough and purposeful inhalation and exhalation in order to oxygenate the muscles effectively.
  • Centering: all movements originate from the body’s center often referred to as the core or powerhouse, which is comprised of muscles in the abdomen, lower back, and pelvis.
  • Concentration: the mind-body connection is at the very core of Pilates, and the key to coordinating mind and body is concentration.
  • Control and Precision: muscular control and precise, purposeful movement is the foundation of Pilates moves in order to prevent injury.
  • Flow: the emphasis on fluidity from one Pilates exercise to the next helps your body move more efficiently and with control through a greater range of motion.

Types of classes...

At Pride Physique, we offer a variety of options so you can choose the exercise environment in which you feel the most comfortable in order to maximize the benefits from your sessions.

Private session: the fastest way to progress in Pilates, “privates” are one-on-one with a certified Pilates instructor utilizing mat work and the full range of equipment

Semi-private session: a fun way to share time with a friend, “semi-privates” are a single lesson with two people utilizing mat work and the full range of equipment

Reformer class:   (3 person maximum)  a challenging and body-changing class on the Pilates reformer intended to strengthen the whole body

Tower class:   (3 person maximum)  an intense workout requiring a great level of control and utilizing the tower frame to deepen and add variety to a multitude of exercises