“Sciatica during Pregnancy.” ——Jennifer

“Dr. Pride has significantly improved my posture by diligently focusing on my core strength. Our goal was to strengthen my bones and now my Bone Loss has amazingly stabilized. With Dr. Pride guiding me I was able to mix Physical Therapy and Pilates to improve my condition. I am free of constant back pain and my posture is better than ever. Physical Therapy takes a dedicated Doctor with passion and a patient who really wants to work consistently so they can improve. That “dedicated” doctor is the WONDERFUL Dr. Pride!”
— Kathy, 12/17
The specialized, one-to-one instruction is phenomenal! It’s a gift to know how to push someone to their limit, and know just the right moment to stop. Thank you for making me stronger and more aware!
— Gayle, 01/16

Dr. Pride is brilliant at what she does. She perfectly combines science, compassion and patient care to ensure you are at your best. I was out of alignment a few weeks ago, cringing to do everything including take deep breaths. She worked on me for 10 mins and not only did I feel better, my posture was better than before!
Dr. Pride is spectacular. There’s no one like her....believe that.
— Kristi, 11/16

Theresa is awesome. Patient and gently pushes you to do better.
— Anadri, 09/16

She aight....nah she rocks the casbah. .........
— Richard, 02/16

Theresa is very nice (and pushes us a lot - in the best way).
Let’s workout! :)
— Roger, 02/16

I had been dealing with a shoulder impingement for several months and it just wasn’t getting any better. Theresa’s expertise and therapy sessions helped restore my shoulder in no time. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to heal and get back to normal. If you are an active person with an injury then Pride Physique is the place to go. Not only did I receive proper physical therapy care, but Theresa also provided me with instructions on proper form when doing exercises and working out.
— Arjan, 06/16

Can’t say enough good things about Theresa. I have followed her from Roswell to Dunwoody. Pilates changed my life. I have RA but zero pain until I stop going to Pride Physique.

So knowledgable, professional and caring. All the staff are great.
— Tina, 11/16

I have worked out with my husband for a month. After the first pilates session, my husband said that pilates was a new experience and he was interested in and satisfied with it. We decided taking semi private session once or twice a week. Theresa is a great teacher. She raises our workout level every session. We meet different challenge every time and feel getting stronger. YAY!!
Although my spine and neck are so bad because of a car accident and violin playing since 2008, I have not felt any other extra pain while working out because Theresa makes my posture correct. In addition, of course I cannot say my severe sore has immediately gone, however, I am sure that Pilates make me very healthy with balanced body without medical surgery. Highly recommended for all!!
— Jiwon, 02/16

What a wonderful place to take physical therapy! They offer one-on-one treatments and are extremely easy to work with and caring. My mom went to several sessions with Theresa. She is kind and knows exactly what needs to be done. The office support is amazing and they always get back with you quickly and are accommodating. Can’t say enough great things about them!
— Janet, 06/16

I started coming to Pride Physique Pilates because I needed to strengthen my back after an injury. While there are lots of Pilates studios around Sandy Springs, finding reformer classes I can afford has been a challenge. The package deals Pride Physique offers are excellent, especially given that the largest class offered is filled at three people! Theresa is not only a superb Pilates instructor but a top notch physical therapist, and she’s very attentive to form and gentle with her corrections. Also, if classes are full when you try to schedule, Theresa is always willing to open up more classes! Going to Theresa’s Pilates classes has definitely boosted my progress in physical therapy!

It’s a little difficult to find Pride Physique the first time because it’s inside a Chiropractic office in an office building, so give yourself a few extra minutes the first time to find parking (free but mostly in a deck). Absolutely worth it, though!
— Jenny, 02/17